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112. Boasting

1. Boasting is the making of false claims in praise ofone's own qualities or prowess; it is an attempt to liftoneself above what one really is. Boasting amounts to excessive andunjustified claims; and these, in turn, amount to lying. Hence,boasting has the evil of lying.

2. Boasting usually amounts to a jocose lie. It is so inthe case of a man who 'likes to hear himself talk," andwho delights in bragging for its own sake. Or it may be anofficious lie, as it is in a person who recommends himself for aposition by making excessive claims of ability. In most cases,boasting does not exceed venial sin.

"We must not be behind time in doing good; for death will not be behind his time. "
St Phillip Neri

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"Obedience is the true holocaust which we sacrifice to God on the altar of our hearts."
St Philip Neri

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"Lord, take from me everything that hinders me from going to You. give me all that will lead me to You. Take me from myself and give me to Yourself."
St Nicholas Flue

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