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86. Exterior Acts of Religion: Oblations

1. We are all bound to make offerings, in one way oranother, for the support of religion, as it exists in external andestablished practice according to the institution of Christ. Suchofferings are oblations.

2. Offerings are made to priests (I Cor. 9:13) who are"to live by the altar." And the priest has further usefor offerings or oblations than his mere livelihood; he has toobtain what belongs to the functions of external worship, and hehas to dispense goods to the poor.

3. An offering or oblation is not to be made of thingsunjustly acquired or wrongfully possessed.

4. The Old Law required men to make an offering oroblation of "the first fruits," that is, the best oftheir crops and harvestings. This was to make open and practicalacknowledgment that "the earth is the Lord's and thefullness thereof," and that the tiller of the soil does notcreate its fertility, but that all good things come from God. Evenafter the coming of the New Law, the offering of "firstfruits" continued to be a pious custom in some countries.

"Does our conduct correspond with our Faith?"
The Cure D'Ars

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"A person who rails at God in adversity, suffers without merit; moreover by his lack of resignation he adds to his punishment in the next life and experiences greater disquietude of mind in this life."
St Alphonsus de Liguori

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"It is vanity to love what passes quickly and not to look ahead where eternal joy abides. "
Thomas á Kempis

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