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137. Perseverance

1. Perseverance is the virtue which disposes a person tohold steadily to a good purpose, keeping the end steadily in view,despite delays, fatigue, and temptations to indifference.

2. Perseverance is a part of the virtue offortitude.

3. Constancy and perseverance agree in point ofsteadfastness. But these are not identical virtues. Constancystands firm against stresses external to the virtue practiced;perseverance stands firm under the weariness that comes from theeffort of the virtue itself.

4. Perseverance as a supernatural virtue requires grace.And as the act of "persevering unto the end in Christ,"perseverance is a special and freely bestowed gift of God.

"The more you know and the better you understand, the more severely will you be judged, unless your life is also the more holy. Do not be proud, therefore, because of your learning or skill. Rather, fear because of the talent given you."
Thomas á Kempis

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"O Lord, my God, who will seek you with simple and pure love, and not find that you are all one can desire, for you show yourself first and go out to meet those who seek you? "
St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

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"It is well to choose some one good devotion, and to stick to it, and never to abandon it."
St Philip Neri

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