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177. The Gift of Words

1. A gratuitous grace is one given less for the benefit of theperson who receives it than for the benefit of others. Such a graceis the gift of effective speaking for the benefit and enlightenmentof souls. The gift of tongues makes understood theknowledge that is expressed; the gift of words makes the expressioneffective in convincing and converting souls. St. Gregory(Hom. xxx in Ev.) says: "Unless the HolyGhost fill the hearts of those who hear, the teacher's voicesounds vainly in their bodily ears."

2. The grace of the word of God to be preached publicly to thefaithful of the Church, is given to men, not to women.

"God gives us some things, as the beginning of faith, even when we do not pray. Other things, such as perseverance, he has only provided for those who pray."
St Augustine

* * *

"It is vanity to be concerned with the present only and not to make provision for things to come."
Thomas á Kempis

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"Before a man chooses his confessor, he ought to think well about it, and pray about it also; but when he has once chosen, he ought not to change, except for most urgent reasons, but put the utmost confidence in his director."
St Philip Neri

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