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83. The Subject of Original Sin

1. Sin is in the soul, not the body; hence original sin isin the soul. The defects, weaknesses, and tendencies of the fleshwhich come from original sin are punishments, not guilt. Whenactual sin occurs because of bodily tendencies, it is reallycommitted by man through his will. The flesh of itself does notsin, nor has it the guilt of sin.

2. Original sin primarily affects the very nature of man.It is in the essence of the soul rather than in the powers of thesoul.

3. Through the soul's essence original sin infects thesoul's powers. It strikes first at the will. The will is theseat of appetency, and it is the source of man's firstinclination to sin.

4. In the subordinate powers, the infection of originalsin is most apparent in the generative power, the appetites, andthe sense of touch.

"God speaks to us without ceasing by his good inspirations."
The Cure D'Ars

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"Whoever wants to stand alone without the support of a master and guide will be like the tree that stands alone in a field without a proprietor. No matter how much the tree bears, passers-by will pick the fruit before it ripens. "
St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

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"When the devil has failed in making a man fall, he puts forward all his energies to create distrust between the penitent and the confessor, and so by little and little he gains his end at last."
St Philip Neri

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