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85. The Clarity of Risen Bodies

1. The risen body in glory will have a measure oflightsomeness and splendor, according to the soul's degree ofglory. Says scripture (Matt. 13:43): "The just shall shine asthe sun in the kingdom of their Father." This shining andsplendid quality of the risen body is called itsclarity.

2. The clarity of the blessed in heaven will be visible tothe non-glorified eye of the damned. For clarity is naturallyvisible, as it was to the eyes of the three apostles who beheld itin our Lord's body at the time of the Transfiguration.

3. Yet the glorified body is not necessarilyvisible; it will appear or disappear as the soul wills. It will belike our Lord's glorified body at Emmaus, that is, capable ofbeing seen, but also capable of being withdrawn from the sight ofmen.

"O Lord, my God, who will seek you with simple and pure love, and not find that you are all one can desire, for you show yourself first and go out to meet those who seek you? "
St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

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"If you wish to learn and appreciate something worth while, then love to be unknown and considered as nothing. Truly to know and despise self is the best and most perfect counsel."
Thomas á Kempis

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"A man should keep himself down, and not busy himself in mirabilibus super se."
St Philip Neri

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