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75. The Resurrection of the Body

1. The body will rise again. Says scripture (Job 19:25,26): "I know that my Redeemer liveth, and in the last day Ishall rise out of the earth, and I shall be clothed again with myskin, and in my flesh I shall see my God." Since man is onesubstance composed of soul and body, the ultimate state of man mustinvolve the body as well as the soul. Hence, the body will riseagain.

2. This, therefore, is true of all men without exception;for all are of the same species, that is, the samecomplete essential kind. No human soul will remain foreverseparated from its own body.

3. The resurrection of the body is natural in thesense that it is natural for the soul to have its body. But thereis no power resident in soul or body to bring them together oncethey have been separated by death. Hence, the agency which actuallyjoins souls with their respective bodies is whollysupernatural.

"Lord, take from me everything that hinders me from going to You. give me all that will lead me to You. Take me from myself and give me to Yourself."
St Nicholas Flue

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"God gives us some things, as the beginning of faith, even when we do not pray. Other things, such as perseverance, he has only provided for those who pray."
St Augustine

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"The greatest glory we can give to God is to do his will in everything."
St Alphonsus de Liguori

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