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72. Prayers to the Saints

1. The saints are all the human beings who have reached heaven.They enjoy the beatific vision, seeing, directly and intuitively,God in his essence. They behold in God all that they ought to knowabout themselves and about their glory. Now, it is part of theirglory to assist others, and help them serve God and reach heaven.Thus the saints cooperate with God; thus they are made godlike. Butthe saints cannot assist others unless they know these others andunderstand their needs. Therefore, the saints know in Godthe devotions, prayers, and promises of people on earth who pray tothe saints.

2. It is right to pray to the saints for their aid. Wepray for one another here on earth. St. Paul, great apostle as hewas, asked humbly for prayers (Rom. 15:30). Our brethren with Godin heaven are in far better position to offer our petitions to himthan are our brethren on earth. Besides, the Church prays to thesaints, as, for example, in the solemn Litany of the Saints.

3. The prayers of the saints for us are effective. Thesaints pray in complete conformity with God's most loving willtowards us, and they ask favors for us according to that will.Thus, their prayers are always granted.

"There is nothing which gives greater security to our actions, or more effectually cuts the snares the devil lays for us, than to follow another person’s will, rather than our own, in doing good."
St Philip Neri

* * *

"God looks neither at long nor beautiful prayers, but at those that come from the heart."
The Cure D'Ars

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"We must not be behind time in doing good; for death will not be behind his time. "
St Phillip Neri

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