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38. The Minister of Holy Orders

1. The bishop alone has the power to confer the sacramentof orders.

2. This power is not taken from a bishop. He retains italways. Even should he lapse into heresy or schism, he does notlose this power. A heretical or schismatical bishop would singravely by exercising the power to confer holy order.

"Spiritual persons ought to be equally ready to experience sweetness and consolation in the things of God, or to suffer and keep their ground in drynesses of spirit and devotion, and for as long as God pleases, without their making any complaint about it."
St Philip Neri

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"It is vanity to love what passes quickly and not to look ahead where eternal joy abides. "
Thomas á Kempis

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"As the flesh is nourished by food, so is man supported by prayers"
St Augustine

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