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A Precis of the Summa Theologica

There is no better overview of Catholic theology than the Summa Theologica of St Thomas Aquinas.

"A Tour of the Summa is not a translation, not a digest, not a selection of parts called basic, or best. It is a journey though the entire Summa from beginning to end, and it furnishes a tourist's view of the scope and content of that master work. It is a condensed paraphrase of the essential teaching of the Summa, so presented as to enable the reader to turn instantly to the exact locus in St. Thomas for full treatment of each point discussed . . ."

"The present work holds strictly to the major divisions of the Summa, but omits objections and replies to objections."
- from the Preface

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The topics contain the Questions and Articles numbered exactly as in the Summa itself.

Finally, an apology. There are numerous layout errors on the site e.g. missing spaces so words are joined. Rather than wait until all the errors were corrected, we have published the work because it is still intelligble. We will make the corrections as time allows.

From the encyclical STUDIOREM DUCEM - Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on St Thomas Aquinas:

'He alone enlightened the Church more than all other doctors; a man can derive more profit in a year from his books than from pondering all his life the teaching of others.'
- quoting Pope John XXII

We so heartily approve the magnificent tribute of praise bestowed upon this most divine genius that We consider that Thomas should be called not only the Angelic, but also the Common or Universal Doctor of the Church; for the Church has adopted his philosophy for her own, as innumerable documents of every kind attest.

For, according to Thomas, by far the most important benefit to be derived from sacred studies, is that they inspire a man with a great love for God and a great longing for eternal things.