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94. The Saved and the Damned

1. The sufferings of the damned will be perfectly known tothe saints or blessed in heaven, and will only make them the morethankful to God for his great mercy towards themselves.

2. There can, however, be no pity in the saints withreference to the damned. For, on the other hand, they know that thedamned are suffering what they chose and still perversely choose.On the other hand, pity is painful in the one who experiences it,and there can be nothing painful in heaven.

3. The blessed are in full conformity with the will of Godwho wills justice. The saints rejoice in the accomplishment ofGod's justice. To this extent it can be said that they joy inthe pains of the damned.

"If you wish to learn and appreciate something worth while, then love to be unknown and considered as nothing. Truly to know and despise self is the best and most perfect counsel."
Thomas á Kempis

* * *

"O Lord, my God, who will seek you with simple and pure love, and not find that you are all one can desire, for you show yourself first and go out to meet those who seek you? "
St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

* * *

"Whom do you seek, friend, if you seek not God? Seek him, find him, cleave to him; bind your will to his with bands of steel and you will live always at peace in this life and in the next."
St Alphonsus de Liguori

* * *