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58. Our Lord at the Father's Right Hand

1. To sit means to abide, to stay. It also means to occupythe throne of judgment. In both meanings of this word, it belongsto Christ to sit at the right hand of the Father, that is, to abidein the Father's glory, and to reign together with theFather.

2. It belongs to Christ as God to have, equally with theFather, the identical divine glory, beatitude, and power. This is"sitting at the right hand of the Father." The phrasedoes not indicate a secondary place, nor a place merelynext to the Father. It means that Christ as God rules inabsolute equality with the other two divine Persons.

3. And it belongs to Christ as man to sit at theFather's right hand, in the sense that Christ's humanity isdowered with the Father's gifts beyond all other creatures.

4. As God, Christ is equal with the Father, and one withhim in substance; as man, Christ excels all creatures in possessingdivine gifts. On both scores, Christ alone holds just title to theplace at the Father's right hand.

"Lord, take from me everything that hinders me from going to You. give me all that will lead me to You. Take me from myself and give me to Yourself."
St Nicholas Flue

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"The name of Jesus, pronounced with reverence and affection, has a kind of power to soften the heart. "
St Philip Neri

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"Does our conduct correspond with our Faith?"
The Cure D'Ars

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