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53. Vows and Orders as Impediments

1. A simple vow which is in conflict with thestate and duties of marriage is a prohibiting impediment, but doesnot annul a marriage. However, a person with such a simple vow sinsby marrying unless he has first obtained dispensation from his vowat the hands of the proper ecclesiastical authorities.

2. A solemn vow of chastity in a religious orderor congregation is adiriment impediment of matrimony. Oncethe vow is formally taken, it renders a subsequent marriageinvalid.

3. A man who has received subdeaconship has solemnly takenupon himself the obligation of celibacy. Therefore, he cannotthereafter contract a valid marriage. In some Eastern rites, amarried man can be ordained; but it is a general ecclesiastical lawthat no ordained man can (after subdeaconship) enter the marriedstate.

4. The fact that a true marriage exists does notnecessarily bar a man from sacred orders. If the wife dies, or ifshe freely consents to release her husband permanently from themarital obligation, the husband can be ordained; he receives withhis ordination to subdeaconship the obligation of perfect andperpetual celibacy.

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St Augustine

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