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74. Injustice in Words: Whispering

1. By whispering is meant talebearing, the spreading of gossipto the harm of a neighbor. A backbiter seeks to injure a man'sgood name;a talebearer seeks to stir up trouble, or to arousepeople to take action against another or others.

2. Talebearing or whispering is a greater sin than backbiting orreviling, for it seeks to rob a neighbor of his friends. Andfriends are a man's most precious external possessions.

"God speaks to us without ceasing by his good inspirations."
The Cure D'Ars

* * *

"The supreme perfection of man in this life is to be so united to God that all his soul with all its faculties and powers are so gathered into the Lord God that he becomes one spirit with him, and remembers nothing except God, is aware of and recognises nothing but God, but with all his desires unified by the joy of love, he rests contentedly in the enjoyment of his Maker alone."
St Albert the Great

* * *

"The Lord has always revealed to mortals the treasures of his wisdom and his spirit, but now that the face of evil bares itself more and more, so does the Lord bare his treasures more."
St John of the Cross, OCD - Doctor of the Church

* * *