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42. Sedition

1. Sedition, strictly understood, is the uprising of part of apeople against another; it is also the stir and effort ofindividuals and groups to make one part of a people rise againstanother. Sedition is opposed to the unity and peace of a people,which is a special good; hence, sedition is a special sin. It is,therefore, a sin distinct from war, fighting, discord,contention.

2. In its genus or essential kind, sedition is a mortal sin, forit involves a grievous offense against law and the common good. Theleaders of a sedition are the most guilty, and, after them, with alesser degree of guilt, come the people who are led to thedisturbing of the common good.

"Spiritual persons ought to be equally ready to experience sweetness and consolation in the things of God, or to suffer and keep their ground in drynesses of spirit and devotion, and for as long as God pleases, without their making any complaint about it."
St Philip Neri

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"As the flesh is nourished by food, so is man supported by prayers"
St Augustine

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"The one thing necessary which Jesus spoke of to Martha and Mary consists in hearing the word of God and living by it."
R. Garrigou-Lagrange, OP

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