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28. Joy

1. Spiritual joy, often called joy in God, is an effect ofcharity.

2. Spiritual joy admits no admixture of sorrow, for it isjoy in the divine wisdom of which Scripture says (Wisd. 8:16),"Her conversation hath no bitterness."

3. Spiritual joy is full and perfect when God is possessedby the soul, and nothing remains to be desired. It is manifest,therefore, that we cannot achieve the fullness of spiritual joyuntil we reach heaven.

4. Joy is not a virtue in itself; it is an act and aneffect of the virtue of charity, and it is numbered among thefruits of the Holy Ghost.

"To do God's will -- this was the goal upon which the saints constantly fixed their gaze. They were fully persuaded that in this consists the entire perfection of the soul. "
St Alphonsus de Liguori

* * *

"It is not God's will that we should abound in spiritual delights, but that in all things we should submit to his holy will."
Blessed Henry Suso

* * *

"God gives us some things, as the beginning of faith, even when we do not pray. Other things, such as perseverance, he has only provided for those who pray."
St Augustine

* * *